Quality content comes with many benefits. While content can undoubtedly improve your SEO, that's not all: engaging content is a cornerstone for your website to succeed. In fact, this is how an SEO content writing service will help your business:

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Improve rankings and increase organic traffic
Reach your target audience and find new readers
Increase your brand's recognition, credibility and authority
Improve user metrics such as bounce rate and dwell time
More leads and potential conversions
Boost your social media presence

Improve your Rankings while strengthening your Brand

The importance of quality content keeps increasing, not only to drive SEO but also to gain a competitive edge. Unfortunately, writing SEO-friendly content is not as easy as randomly throwing some keywords into a text.

There are a variety of factors to consider. Some of these factors apply to search engines while others appeal to human readers. Here are some examples for both:

Search Engine Factors

  • Keyword choice & placement
  • Length of the content
  • URL optimization

Human Factors

  • Readability
  • Layout & formatting
  • Strong headlines

But that's not all... For other factors, search engines, as well as humans, need to be considered. For example, the title tag and meta description need to be written with keywords in mind. Moreover, they should be written in such a way that users want to click on your search result instead of your competitor's.

It can also pay off to do an in-depth keyword research before creating new content. It will be useful in understanding the search intent and reaching the right audience.

And last but not least: while writing content, your audience should always be the first consideration. Afterward, you can still take care of SEO factors, but only if they don't interfere with the readability.

What makes content great for your audience?

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The factors mentioned above positively influence how well your content will be received. But ultimately you have to consider what your audience wants to read.

Does the content match what the reader expects to find on your page? Is your content well researched and correct? Are there excessive ads that hinder the user experience? Does the page speed reduce long waiting times?

Make your audience the center of your content.

However, Text alone just isn't enough anymore. People want to see multimedia content: images, infographics, charts or videos. There are many options that you need to consider.

The way people read online is different from how they would read a newspaper or book. Besides headlines, multimedia content is valuable to catch your reader's attention and influence crucial factors such as how long a reader stays.

Just make sure the multimedia content compliments your text.

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Unique Content for a Variety of Purposes

Many content services provide texts that are produced by spinning software (a tool that automatically re-writes texts). Content like that often has flaws and sounds mechanical, it just can't compare to content written by a person. And that's why all the SEO content provided by me will be manually written.

Every piece of content runs through plagiarism software to guarantee its uniqueness and that there aren't any duplicate on the web. My SEO Content writing services provide unique content for:

  • Blog Posts
  • News Articles
  • Landing Pages
  • Website Content (Homepage, About Us, etc.)
  • Product and Category Descriptions

In addition to writing new content, it is also possible to optimize existing content in terms of:

  • Better keyword placement and visibility
  • Improved headlines that catch the attention
  • Layout and formatting for better readability
  • Enhanced Calls-to-Action for better conversion

I'm also happy to help your business identify winning topics, build posting schedules and even complete content strategies.

Are you ready to take your content to the next level
with my SEO content writing services?

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