During an audit, your website will be assessed in terms of your current Search Engine Optimization. This assessment can have many forms and lengths. However, a reliable SEO Audit Service should at least include the following aspects:

  • Technical evaluation
  • On-Page Ranking Factors
  • Off-Page Ranking Factors
  • Comprehensive Action Plan

A proper audit undoubtedly should not just consist of an Excel Sheet exported from a Pro SEO tool. There should be a comprehensive Report with detailed Analysis. Additionally, every report should include actionable insights unique to your website.

Why is a Website Audit essential?

An assessment of your website will provide you with a detailed report of the current state of its optimization. You will have a clear understanding of what is already working well. And especially, of what isn't working. Furthermore, an objective and methodical approach offer possible solutions for your specific problems and actionable advice for further improvements.

Comparing your website's performance to competitors provides invaluable insights. These insights are indispensable in developing a unique strategy and surpassing your competitors in the process.

Besides, you can only track your progress after knowing your current situation.

What to expect from my professional SEO Audit Service?

My SEO Audits, just like all my other services, are as unique as your website.

Most SEO agencies and freelancers offer pre-set packages without any flexibility. There is no possibility to opt-out of unnecessary services. In other words, you will pay for services that you don't even need.

Instead, my audits are specifically tailored to include only factors relevant to your website. For example, some sites have already done extensive SEO work while others have gotten barely started.

There is no one size fits all audit. For each website, the analysis will be vastly different and the service, as well as its price, should reflect that.

Audits can cover the following elements:


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Technical Assessments

crawling issues, indexing issues, robots.txt file, robots meta tags, redirects, XML sitemaps, site architecture, site performance

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On-Page Ranking Factors

URLs, Content, Duplicate Content, Information Architecture, Keywords, HTML Tags, Images, Internal Links, External Links

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Off-Page Ranking Factors

Popularity, TrustRank, Domain Authority, Backlink Profile and Social Engagement

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Competitive Analysis

Backlink Profile, Top Keywords, Top Content, Social Engagement, Basic SEO metrics

What else does the SEO Audit Service include?

No matter which SEO elements you pick to audit, you will always receive a complete report.

The report includes all findings such weaknesses and strengths of your current optimization. In addition, every report comes with an action plan for improvements and problem solutions.

You can choose which SEO elements to audit or I can prepare a recommendation specific to your website's needs.

Are you ready to learn about

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