Do you want to increase traffic and multiply sales?

You need something that 90% of SEO service providers haven’t understood yet: your website should be optimized for humans first, Google second. Results will follow automatically.

Every professional Search Engine Optimization service should be tailored to your website. Your website is your digital business card, and it serves as a first impression for your customers.

As such, it deserves an SEO service as unique as the site itself.

Optimize for people, not search engines
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Search engine optimization is a Process

There is no magic trick to let your website appear as #1 on Google.

Websites need to be continuously analyzed, monitored and adapted. On top of that, it is important to stay informed about new practices and current changes in the world of SEO. If there is a Google Update it is essential to know about it and adjust the website accordingly.

As with every business venture, goals need to be defined - SEO is no different. Therefore a solid strategy combined with an implementation plan should be the foundation of every successful SEO campaign.

Which approach to SEO should you take?

First of all, the customer should be the main focus. There is no way around it. If they can't navigate your website or find what they are looking for, they won't be your customer for much longer.

This mindset starts with the design, site architecture and site navigation and even includes content as well as internal and external links. Always look at a website from a user's point of view and add value.

Your ultimate goal should be a satisfied customer. Consequently, indirect ranking factors like a low bounce rate and high dwell time are beneficial for your SEO and thus the organic ranking.

Factores that influence professional Search Engine Optimization, e.g. keywords, content, backlinks, site architecture or analysis.

How do I approach Search Engine Optimization?

My approach for every website is different and unique to that website. I always make sure to access your current assets first before diving in. For me, it is crucial that we use your resources as effectively as possible. However, there are a few core principles that you'll find in all my on-Page SEO work:


Optimize your website for humans, not just Google:
Only with a combination of both will you be able to achieve long-term success.


Gain valuable insights and surpass your competitors in search rankings:
Let's analyze your competitor and use that knowledge to improve your rankings.


Everyone can look up keywords - context is essential:
You need keywords to provide search engines with context to your offer but also to reach people that are interested in what you offer.


Content is king - I’ll help you conquer that throne:
Content has become more critical than ever; not just any content, but qualitative content.


Technical optimization – the foundation of your SEO strategy: 
A house will crumble without a proper foundation, the same happens with SEO, e.g. if Google can't find your site, how are they supposed to rank it?

My professional Search Engine Optimization Services include

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