I've said it before, but in this case, I'm happy to repeat myself: I'm not too fond of pre-defined online marketing packages. In most cases, they lack transparency and don't offer any flexibility. You often have to pay for services that you don't even need.

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That said, if you require a repeating service, I'm happy to work out a custom package for you. That way we can make sure that you only pay for what you need. If you require a one-time or occasional service, you have two options: fixed-price projects or hourly projects.

My hourly rate depends on the difficulty of the task but to give you an idea here are some prices:


SEO Audits

On-Page SEO

SEO Strategies

Content Writing

Keyword Research

Website Usability Testing

Google Ads

E-Mail Marketing

Price per hour, excl. Vat

$100 / 90€

$100 / 90€

$100 / 90€

$100 / 90€

$50 / 40€

$50 / 40€

$80 / 70€

$70 / 60€

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