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The on-page SEO services include all elements on a website that can be optimized to increase traffic and improve rankings in the search results. This consists of both, content and HTML-changes.

However, before the actual on-page optimization can start, a keyword research is an absolute must. The keywords are what give your optimization focus; to do one without the other would make little sense.

If you haven't done any SEO so far, an audit isn't necessarily needed. However, if you've had different work done before, an SEO Audit can clarify the current situation of your website.

The Success Factors of on-Page SEO

In my experience, on-page SEO is often underestimated. Many websites focus exclusively on off-page measures like links. Now don't get me wrong; a high-quality link profile is one of the top 3 Google rankings factors.

However, that alone isn't enough.

A solid on-page optimization can not only give you initial rankings, but it is also the basis of following SEO work. Search engine optimization is constantly changing, but the trend always goes towards improving things for the user. So, the key is to use all the measures available to you and combine them in a winning strategy.

When it comes to SEO, there are many factors to influence your success. There are over 200 ranking signals. That's why it is essential to prioritize the most critical factors. As such, my standard on-page SEO services include:

Vector image of a optimized website

Meta Tags: meta descriptions, title tags, heading tags
Improving content in terms of readability and keywords
Creating new content, see also: SEO Content Writing
Fixing duplicate content issues
URLs, Internal linking & outbound links
Image optimizations
PageSpeed optimizations

If you have an issue, that is not included here or require a more complex service, please reach out to me, and we'll find a solution that fits your needs best.

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