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To succeed online, you need more than just guesswork. To stay ahead of competitors, you need the detailed roadmap that allows you the room to adapt to future changes.

That's why my SEO strategy service includes all possible aspects of SEO as well as a few additional helpful insights.

Most businesses struggle with SEO

Even though many companies understand why SEO is essential they make one big mistake: they optimize single tasks but don't consider how they influence each other.

Here's a little example: If you invest heavily in Link Building that's great. However, did you know that those links will have a much better impact if your on-Page SEO is up-to-date?

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An SEO Strategy Service can help you find your way through the Maze

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Search engine optimization has over 200 factors that influence your ranking. Most of these work in harmony and your strategy should reflect that.

Another example, if you have a local business, the rules are different than if you run an online-only business. In other words, your focus should be on those aspects that will give you the most significant results in terms of your unique needs. And my SEO strategy service can help you do just that.

What can you expect from my SEO strategy service?

The primary goal is to organize all your SEO efforts into a coherent action plan. The strategy will be set up in such a way that you can execute it with your team or I can support you if that's needed. As with every project, I tailor my approach to your business. However, each SEO strategy includes the same necessary four steps.

1. Defining Goals and resources: This step is the foundation for every strategy and always requires the input of the business. It is crucial for me to know more about your target audience and which markets you want to target. Other parts of this process are your top products, current competitors as well as planned and running marketing campaigns.

2. Analysis of the current situation: During this step, I will gather information and analyze your current SEO Situation. This includes a look at your technical setup, on-Page factors, content as well as off-page factors and of course your competitor's weaknesses and strengths.

3. Preparing an action plan: In this step, everything comes together into a complete strategy. I will take my insights from the analysis and prioritize the to-dos according to their importance and available resources.

4. Setting up proper monitoring: the last step is pretty self-explanatory; however, don't underestimate how vital continuous monitoring is. The results will give you further insights and most important, let's you know early on if adjustments are needed.

Are you ready to focus your SEO for

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