Search engine advertising (SEA) can be an essential part of your online marketing mix. In theory, you can advertise on any search engine, such as Bing, Yahoo or Google.

However, in the English-speaking parts of the world as well as Europe, Google has by far the biggest reach. And that is exactly why I specialize as Google Ads Consultant.

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The many benefits of using Google Ads for your business

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Unlike SEO, Google Ads is a short term strategy that can help you make a significant impact in a short time. Because of that, it's a viral strategy for new businesses.

You can also use Ads to improve your revenue, increase your brand-awareness and winning new customers as well as bringing old ones back. When Advertising on Google there are a few more advantages you might want to consider.

For example, it is possible to target specific days, times, location, demographics and more; in other words, you can focus your audience very specifically.

However, it is more than that; you can set a fixed budget for your campaigns which gives you complete control over your costs. Moreover, in my experience, the most significant benefit is that you can react to changes on very short notice. This will help you respond to changes in customer behavior but also short term business decision such as a lower marketing budget or discounts.

Also, that is precisely where a Google Ads Consultant can help you.

What exactly does a Google Ads Consultant do?

When it comes to managing and optimizing Google Ads Campaigns, there is a learning curve. You don't necessarily need a Google Ads Consultant, but you would have to invest time in learning to use this marketing tool. Especially if you want to make the most of it.

If you decide to outsource this task, you want to look for someone that can help you manage your Google Ads account from A to Z., and as such, I can offer you the following services:

Campaign Creation*
Ad optimizations, incl. A/B Testing
Keyword research & selection
Optimizations of bidding strategies
Budget recommendations/optimizations
Management of Negative Keywords

Landing page recommendations
Creation of ad extensions
Identification of new opportunities
Monitoring of Broken Links
Languages: German & English
On-going monitoring & reporting

* I currently offer all campaign forms: Search, Display, Video, and Shopping as well as remarketing and dynamic campaigns. Please note that you will need to supply material such as graphics or videos yourself as I'm not a Graphic Designer. I'm also happy to help you outsource these tasks if needed.

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