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Hi. I'm Sandra Stalter.

And to be honest, being an Online Marketing Freelancer has never been the plan.

That is until I was THIS close to finally wrapping up five years of college. Don't get me wrong, studying Business and then Business IT taught me a lot. However, after such a long time I was ready to be done and start working full time.

If only there hadn't been that pesky bit about writing a thesis to finish up finally. And as such, the search for a topic began. I spent weeks looking into possibilities when finally I came across what would be my topic: search engine optimization.

After spending six months, reading books, academic papers and blogs, and ultimately writing my thesis on the subject... I was still very passionate about SEO and knew with absolute certainty that I wanted to continue in this field.

Agencies often provide SEO services and that was not for me. Luckily, there was another solution: Freelancing. So in April 2017, I started my own freelancing business. I started out on Upwork, build a solid portfolio by helping clients achieve their SEO goals and eventually started added new skills with Google Ads, Social Media, and E-Mail Marketing. But most importantly: I never looked back.

For those rare times that I'm not in front of a computer: I'm a total book lover, Netflix worshipper, soccer enthusiast, occasional painter and always itching to explore another piece of the world.

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